How to choose the best smartphone for you?

ProsContras, 20 January 2022

Smartphones have become a great part of our lives. Most people own a smartphone, and the major companies are adding new options to the market with each year that passes. While it can be good to see how technology advances, it can make the shopping process overwhelming. If you’re looking forward to buying a new smartphone, here we have a short guide that will help you choose the best option for you.


Your budget is the primary factor when you’re trying to buy a new smartphone. Several brands now have mid-range and high-end devices at affordable prices, like Huawei or Xiaomi. These options are powerful and stylish, but you can find smartphones that suit your budget. 

Operating system

In the modern-day, Android and iOS are the main operating systems. You can find Android on most phones, except iPhones, which use iOS exclusively. While Android allows you more freedom, iOS is minimalistic and easier to use.

It’s also worth noting that most smartphones nowadays are compatible with 4G.

Display size

The screen or display size will define how big your phone will be. Here you can get picky: do you want a large or small screen? Either way, it is also essential to consider the screen resolution and its quality. For instance, you should be able to see what’s on the screen in sunlight. We also recommend you consider the pixel density of the screen.


We use our phones for pretty much everything nowadays. Furthermore, most apps consume a vast amount of storage, which means that you’ll need at least 32GB to keep every piece of media you want in your phone. The larger, the better. Some phones may have expandable storage, while others don’t.

Battery life

Battery life is a crucial factor to consider when buying a new smartphone. You definitely wouldn’t like your new phone to shut off all the time due to the low battery. Furthermore, you should also consider whether the phone has a replaceable battery or if it’s non-removable. It’s more convenient if you choose a phone with a replaceable battery.

Processor and RAM

Cheap smartphones will have 1-2GB of RAM, while mid-range options typically start at 4GB. If you want something powerful, you should know that iPhones are equipped with some of the best processors out there, although Androids with Snapdragon processors can be equally good.


Instead of higher resolution, try to choose a camera with superior optics. You should also consider other features, like a LED flash. Other smartphones also include a BSI sensor.