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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question for us? Chances are you'll find your answer below. Otherwise, we'd be more than happy to help you personally. Just contact us.

No ads. No membership fees. How does that work?

Simple. was created by web experts to solve a challenge they often struggle with. Private donations (by people like you) keep the platform online.

Can anyone see a published Pro Con List?

Yes. If you publish a list it becomes visible to anyone, even if they don't have an account for ProsContras. Your list will not be listed in the library. It's therefore hard to find for people who you haven't sent the link to.

Can I add a custom score to a Pro or Con?

Pros & Cons can be scored 1-9. There are different schools of thought on weighing individual arguments in a Pro Con List and we appreciate you might miss an option. Feel free to sent us a message with your request, but prepare yourself for a hefty debate :)

How do I share my Pro Con List?

Easy! Go to the "My Lists" page, find the list you want to share and click "Publish & Share". After a few seconds the page will reload and your brand new share link will appear.

Can I still update a published/shared list?

Yes, (only) you can! If your friends want to save their changes, they can simply sign up and create a new list out of yours.

How can I add my Pro Con Lists to the Library?

Many people feel their thoughts should be broadcast to a wide audience. And we agree. However, functionality for adding your personal lists to the library is still under construction. If you can't wait to contribute to our library, send us a message.