Remodeling my Kitchen

The housing market sucks! It's getting less and less likely I'd be able to buy a new apartment soon, so should I finally get rid of my terrible kitchen?

Created by: ProsContras

Updated: April 17th 06:40

  1. No more crooked cabinet doors

  2. Built in steamer is awesome for vegetables (but will I actually start cooking healthier?)

  3. New look will be a huge improvement to overal look of the living room (should I invite a realtor to discuss impact on expected sales price?)

  4. 6 instead of 4 burners will cooking family meals much easier

  5. Energy consumption on fridge, freezer & oven

  1. House is too small to have kids, need to move in 5 years

  2. Investment (quote for the kitchen and installation is $12k)

  3. Cost on a new floor in living room is an extra couple $k

  4. Living in a mess for at least 2 weeks

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