Should I finally buy a Harley?

This has been on your bucket list for ages! 30's closing in on you, what's keeping you?

Created by: ProsContras

Updated: January 11th 12:09

  1. I don't have to arrive anywhere on a bicycle anymore (dude seriously, wtf are you doing with your life?)

  2. Freedom-feel when driving

  3. New default activity for when I have a spare hour

  4. Biker girls

  5. Great sound

  6. Browsing new parts all the time

  7. Finally dusting off my motorcycle license

  8. Spend less time on YouTube

  1. Need insurance for disability

  2. Might pick up smoking again

  3. Can't pick up girls at the beach anymore (unless they ride Harleys themselves)

  4. Need insurance for theft

  5. Expensive

  6. Unsafe

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