Should I pick up tennis again?

Everyone keeps telling me I should pick up a physical activity.. Used to be good at tennis, so why not start there?

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Updated: January 11th 11:42

  1. Would be nice to beat Angela in something

  2. Used to be very good at it. Shouldn't take long to improve right?

  3. Healthy

  4. Playing doubles with Arthur

  5. Getting my friends of my back for not getting enough exercise

  6. Drinking beer after

  1. I'd need to run a lot

  2. Less time to work on the Mustang restoration

  3. Can't answer "nothing" anymore when people ask what I do to stay in shape

  4. Extra laundry run every week (gravel)

  5. I'll be one of those pretentious people at the tennis club

  6. $100 per month

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