Switching from Windows laptop to MacBook

Two years after buying my Surface, it has slowed down considerably. Battery life has also reduced. Meanwhile, Dirk's 4 year old Macbook is still running like a charm. Should I finally give up and switch to Apple?

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Created by: ProsContras

Updated: February 15th 01:26

  1. Battery life (20 hours?! How do they do that?)

  2. Integration w/ my iPhone & AirPods

  3. Lifespan is longer (according to friends and colleagues you can easily use it for 4+ years)

  4. Don't need virus/malware protection

  5. Design is great (worse than previous series though)

  6. Speedtests of new Silicon chips are insane

  7. Magnetic charging thingy

  1. New Operating System (Learning Curve + uncertainty)

  2. Initial investment ($2k+) is higher than a new Windows laptop ($1k+)

  3. Need more iCloud storage (+$4 per month), yet another subscription I'm growing more and more addicted too

  4. Apple service experience for iPhone was pretty bad

  5. Less configurable

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